3 Hour Guided Walking Tour with a Complimentary Drink

June 12, 2020 | Reading time: 2 minutes
3 Hour Guided Walking Tour with a Complimentary Drink

3 Hour Guided Walking Tour with a Complimentary Drink in a Ukrainian Cafe

This is our itinerary and some of the intriguing questions answers to which you will find out during the tour

1 Independence square or Majdan Nezalezhnosty.

What army broke into the besieged city though the ancient gates situated here.
What statue stands on the top of the Independency Column

2 St. Michael's Cathedral

The first Ukrainian Temple with Golden Domes
And you will find out what holly rings could you buy here long ago

3 Monument to Princess Olga

You will figure out how she took revenge for her husband and rejected the proposal of Emperor Constantine without consequences.

4 Old Kyiv Hill and the church of Tithe

The vestiges of the 10 th century foundation of the first stone church in Kyiv.
You will learn why it collapsed with people being inside.

5 St. Andrew's Church

The most gorgeous Kyiv church and whom Empress Elizabeth planned to get married here.

6 Andrew's Descent

Kyiv Montmartre with local artists a bohemian atmosphere and hilly setting

7 St. Sophia Cathedral

How many colors are there in 6 m tall mosaic of Virgin.

8 Golden Gates

Ancient city fortifications of the 11 th century
Have they ever been conquered?

9 Monument to Yaroslav the Wise

What is he holding in his hands and whose handprints are there at the back of the monument?

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